Investment Management

Throughout our history of over 30 years we have experienced markets in turmoil and markets of “irrational exuberance”. Through it all, FMP has shown the discipline needed to help clients like you and your family successfully navigate the investment landscape.


At FMP, our investment team of experts uses their years of experience, knowledge and resources to develop and implement disciplined investment strategies. We insist on using objective indicators and put them in models that make it difficult to ignore the evidence and facts.


At FMP we use a team approach to make investment decisions. We use both quantitative models based on specific rules and qualitative methods which require judgment and experience. We prefer to make small, incremental changes to a client’s portfolio in an effort to avoid the risk associated with sudden or major allocation changes.


FMP recognizes a client’s investment strategies should be tailored to fit their situation. We believe many factors, such as your family’s time frame, resources, tolerance toward risk and the Secular Market environment should be considered in selecting the investment strategies for your portfolio.

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