Private Investments

Private investments and alternative strategies can provide needed diversification for sophisticated portfolios. The volatility of public markets alone can be treacherous for retired and nearly retired clients.


At FMP, our advisers carefully consider each client’s portfolio structure. Integrating private investments into a portfolio requires thoughtful planning and a confident view of a client’s future plans/needs. When appropriate, private investments can be used to fine tune a client’s overall strategy.


FMP uses proprietary vehicles to deliver private opportunities to client portfolios. It starts with a dedicated due diligence process and ends with a specific investment goal. Our Strategic Investment Team closely monitors each opportunity and investment to make sure the objectives are being achieved.


FMP’s private investment strategies vary from risk reduction to return enhancement. The overarching strategy for all private investments is to make institutional opportunities available to our individual client portfolios and to make them available in a cost effective manner.

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Interested in Private Investments?

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