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You may only get one chance to get this right. Answer these four major questions confidently before making your pension decision.
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Here are more than 30 commonly-missed expenses you could claim as itemized deductions before it's time to file.
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The Social Security decision. Nearly every taxpayer in America must make it. When should I take Social Security? Could I be penalized or miss out on thousands of dollars over my lifetime if I make a mistake? How do I know if I made the right decision? The “when and how” of taking Social Security...
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How you contribute or withdraw from your IRAs, 401ks and other retirement plans in the coming years will be impacted. Here's how.
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Roth IRA conversions during down markets can yield large tax savings, but only if you avoid one key mistake many investors make.
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If you're investing regularly for a retirement that's at least 10 years away, history shows us it's difficult to be successful in selling stocks and waiting until later "when things look like they've calmed down" before being invested again. In fact, doing that can put you years behind in reaching your retirement. Try this instead.
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