September 18, 2017
Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs have similarities and differences. Some people may wonder which account type is better, but no answer applies universally. Which account to use depends on the personal financial situation and goals of the individual. People who are considering using an IRA should evaluate the features of each so they can determine...
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Investment returns should be evaluated and compared in reference to a specified length of time. A 7% total return is not meaningful performance data without knowing the length of time it took to earn the 7%. Likewise, comparing a 7% total return over three years versus a 7% total return over five years will not...
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As you may have noticed by the advertisements, a currently popular trend in retirement planning is to calculate “your number.” This refers to the amount of savings you need to have at retirement. From a marketing perspective, “your number” attracts consumers who prefer simplicity and an easily defined goal, but from a financial perspective, “your...
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A CFP® certificant is an individual who has successfully completed the initial and ongoing certification requirements established by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. (CFP Board). CFP® practitioners voluntarily submit to the certification requirements in order to demonstrate their competence and expertise as a financial planner. Anyone may call themselves a financial planner,...
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