Zach Pendleton
As a successful business owner, you don’t want to think about your operations being interrupted by a natural disaster or other unexpected event. Yet the possibility is a real one.  Natural catastrophes represent just a portion of the crises that your business could face. Although you may not be located in an area prone to...
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Investing with your spouse can be a difficult transition as you get married.  Some people decide to keep their investments separate and others decide to combine finances when they get married.  There is no right or wrong answer, but there are some things to understand about your investments and income when you get married.  There are four types...
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Part 2: Get Technical In part one, we discussed the benefit of having a conversation about finances with your significant other, setting goals, establishing time horizons, creating a budget and paying off debts.  Now I want to talk about the financial accounts and investments that can hopefully allow you to reach the goals you set. ...
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Part 1: Starting the Conversation Going from dating to engaged is a time full of joy.  The same can be said when you finally get married.  Within one year I graduated college, started my career, and will be getting married.  For me, there was something so special about walking through those many changes in life...
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